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PLANS A, B, C, and D…ALL Worked Out…

As of last Friday, ALL of my plans (A, B, C, and D) worked out. I remember some people saying that there is a possibility that that may happen and I just laughed that off… but lo and behold! I got everything — that is amazing…yet it is also a reflection of my competitiveness as a candidate. Hard work pays off! I am extremely fortunate for the people who have supported me in all of my endeavors and will continue to do so in my future. I’ve met and gotten to know people I never could have imagined that I would  be able to. From them, I am learning a lot about the world and how much I can maximize my potential. All of that combined with my determination, I know my future will hold so much promise!

I was awarded the Critical Language Scholarship, the Boren Award, CIEE Beijing, China Intensive Chinese Language Program, CET Harbin, and the Fulbright ETA to Taiwan. I am waiting to hear back from Global Scholars and will apply for some more scholarships if I can make the time to do so.

Overall, I have made my decision.

This semester, life is stressful AND it is good!

I am very proud of myself. I’ve had a very mindful and meaningful learning experience during my four years at UMW, and look forward to celebrating my accomplishments!



AHHHH!!! Goodness!!! I received the notification on Monday, April 14, 2014! Determination-Quotes

I cannot believe my life! Still very amazed by this opportunity and so grateful!

The thing is…I have a big decision to make. I have received EVERY.THING that I applied for but one ( I will hear back from that late April).

What I do know is that I MUST remain on my path. I MUST always, ALWAYS remember for WHAT direct purpose I even compiled Plans A, B, C, and D.

My goal has firmly been to attain fluency and gain advanced cultural knowledge. That is what is most important.
I was reminded again, very directly, of what I need to be considering….there are people who worked hard to learn the language and others who have attained actual fluency. It was in that moment, that I saw very clearly what I had already known…I have long since decided what I wanted to do.

I need to be one of those people who have attained fluency and go from there. I have long since made this decision, I cannot veer off of my path… I know 100% that I would regret it, if I do not take this opportunity…

I gotta do what must be done…and I will happy for it. Of THAT, I am sure!

AND…The Wait Continues…

Patience-is-not-the-ability-to-waitThe excruciating wait is a part of the reason why I started this blog before my travels!  I am a big, big planner so I have been nervous the closer it gets to graduation to ensure about whether or not I will have a solid year and a half abroad already in place before I graduate early next month.

I have applied to an English Teaching Assistantship to Taiwan through Fulbright and I was recommended…so the wait continues! I have also applied to the Boren Award for funding for either the CET Harbin or CIEE Beijing China, Intensive Chinese Language programs. My preferred is CET Harbin so I am hoping that I am accepted into CET Harbin and become a recipient of the Boren. I also applied to some scholarships for funding. Lastly, I applied for the Critical Language Scholarship…which I have already been awarded so that is excellent! I am already in the last stages of finishing everything that I need to in order to attend Suzhou University to move closer to attaining proficiency in Mandarin.

I am excited for Suzhou…it will be my first time going to actual mainland China so I very much look forward to the experience! I am hoping to meet friends for life in my travels as well. I have been told that Suzhou is absolutely beautiful! It is apparently very close to Shanghai and it is extremely cheap to take a train there. I also want to visit Guangzhou. I hear that many Africans live there because of the big trading events that take place there… this means that if I ever have urges for African food, I can go and get some!

That would be amazing… eating Chinese food AND African food IN China. I am sure that many stories would come from that!

Right now, things that I don’t want to be “ifs” ARE “ifs” so I am trying my best to be patient and to focus on what needs to be done in the here and now while my fate is being determined by the Powers That Be… O_o