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Goodbye Everyone! Off to Harbin I go!

Sunday, August 31, 2014 9:30 PM
** Will date every blog with the time and date because I am 12 hours ahead of everyone in the East Coast!**

Alright. This time around, I am headed to Harbin to continue working to attain an advanced level professional proficiency in Mandarin while simultaneously learning how to navigate the cultural streams of China. This time, it’s gonna be my blood, sweat, and tears, I’m sure. This program, in particular, is very rigorous! That’s why I’m going! I am always up for putting myself through varying degrees of Hell to see if can sink or swim, survive or starve, etc etc. At least, that has been the pattern so might as well admit to having a thing for it, right? Haha.

I need to be beaten into the ground until I start to drag myself back up to my feet, spitting out blood and teeth, while simultaneously cursing in Mandarin – not in English. (With my Dirty Chinese book in hand, I’ll be a pro in no time!) It is only then that I will know that I have finally learned Chinese. Instantly cursing in a different language under the pressure of excruciating amounts of pain will definitely prove to you whether or not you’re getting the hang of a language or not. Haha!

Spitting out blood and teeth aside…

As I mentioned, I will be studying in Harbin until May 2015. Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) is one of the C9 schools in China. Also known as one of the most prestigious universities on Mainland China! I’m honored to be able to attend the CET Harbin program. If you know me well enough, you know that I did a lot of research on this program, the people – everything. Even on the cracks in the Harbin sidewalks.

One of the things that excites me the most is the diversity…Harbin is extremely diverse! Located in the northeastern part of China, heavily influenced by Russian culture. This is evident in the architecture and in the people. There are Russians here, Koreans, Jewish people, and Chinese. Who thinks of China when they hear something like this? Not many. So, that is exciting…to learn to function in an environment that is different.

I’m going to miss everyone! I’m glad to have an opportunity to see just how much I mature from being out here on my own.

This should be an interesting ride for so many reasons.

Below is my goodbye video! This was a nice change of pace! 🙂



‘Tis the Truth!: 16 Reasons You Have More Game When You’re Bilingual

Especially when you’re not expected to be able to speak a LICK of Chinese! People are always shocked to know that I can understand and even speak some Chinese. Flawed-and-Imperfect-4

There are advantages to this that just help me overlook a lot of the growing pains of learning to adjust to China.



Also… a nice skill set that’ll come in handy too!

继续奋斗。。。”The Struggle Continues…”: Things Chinese People Say to Black People

啊呀!!!I recently started to follow a page on Facebook titled “Black in China.” I’ve enjoyed following the posts and experiences of black people in China. I think that this video in particular…REALLY captures the black experience in China. Extremely well. Did I say, “Extremely well?!”

Haha! I’ll admit, in China… a lot of the time I was not amused – at all – when people shouted certain things at me. Can you imagine people calling you “black person!” as you walk by?
It helped to remind myself that I was likely the first black person some Chinese people had seen. In addition, when you factor in the perceptions of beauty, you get some of the other comments that this young man mentions in the video as well. Comments such as “Chinese women don’t like black skin, they like white skin!” is said in the classroom. During the times that I took a step back to really observe the perceptions of black people…it’s been really shocking.

… a struggle is  a struggle and the black experience in China is certainly a struggle that takes some time to adjust to. This video, though, is HILARIOUS for the fact that I have seen, witnessed, and encountered a lot of this myself. Of course, perceptions of black men are different from perceptions of black women.

Maybe I should make my own video? Hmm….

Enjoy! #黑人!! #继续奋斗!!