Pollution: The Worst So Far!

Yesterday, the pollution was OUT. OF. CONTROL. The worst I’ve seen since being in China, period.

The index!

The index!

Out. OF. *****CONTROL******

Do you hear me?

Even the Messiah Himself could NOT have taken *A SINGLE BREATH* in that madness – no matter how anointed He may be.

My eyes kept watering, felt like someone had their hand around my throat, and was irritable beyond belief. I kept falling asleep in my One on TWO class…Yes. ONE ON TWO…meaning there was just me and one other student and ONE teacher… WATCHING me falling asleep. I have *NEVER* struggled so hard to stay awake. Every three things she said, I was *OUT*.

I’m surprised she didn’t just kick me out of the classroom. Later she and some other people told me that the pollution can make people extremely sleepy – especially when you’re not used to it. That would explain her patience with me. I apologized profusely anyway.

Now I’m sick, my throat feels jagged beyond belief, and I sound like Barry White again.

I ordered several masks.

This pollution will not have at me!

That aside… it is amazing the things that I have to think about now… buying face masks? May sound small and silly but it isn’t…it’s learning how to function in a different environment….particularly, how to live in one. O_OMASK

This photo doesn't do what I saw justice! One day, I'll get a good photo...one day!

This photo doesn’t do what I saw justice! One day, I’ll get a good photo…one day!


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  1. That seems horrid! I’ve been hearing it on the news for months now how Beijing’s pollution is getting crazy thick and that without masks people are just bound to get respiratory disease. Do you think it’s to the point where it’s PHYSICALLY unsafe to be in the region anymore?

    That would be terrible to have THAT many carcinogens enter your body for a year and then come back and have serious respiratory ailments in the future!

    ***I love reading your blog btw!***

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